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Just thought I'd let you know how much my cats enjoyed the toys I bought at Sunfest in London. It won't make the promotions but they (the male ginger in particular) loooves your stuff! The card was "signed" by the little female.

Warm greetings, Riana



Hi there,

I bought your refillable catnip stuffed blanket today at Kempenfest in Barrie.  My cat, Sammi just loves it and hasn't moved off it since I came home. I've attached a picture, thanks for making such a great product!  She usually doesn't care for blankets or beds from the pet store, so this was a surprise to me.

Take care, Lisa





Daisy the vicious crazy kitty





I purchased a catnip blanket from you at sunfest this weekend, our cat loves it! Here are some pictures.

Thanks again!! Meaghan





It was great to talk to you yesterday at Art in the Park. As you can see in the photo, Sammy enjoys her snuggle stick. And she loves the blanket as well.

I must admit that Sammy often turns her nose up at catnip. But when I brought the bag home, I left it on the floor and found her pawing through and chewing on the blanket. Next thing I knew, there was catnip everywhere as she opened up the catnip bag.

I will definitely continue to purchase Krazy Kitty catnip.

Cheers, Dorothy



Dumbledore likes his new blanket too!

Both blankets were a big hit with both kitties. This is Dumbledore enjoying his new blanket.:






Cat pictures with products purchased as Butterdome Craft Show

I purchased these goodies for “Theo” last week.  I was only going to give him one of the blankets and save the other one for later.  However, he kept breaking into the bag I was hiding the second blanket in – so I gave in, LOL.

He absolutely loves all the items.  Especially the blankets and kicker pillow! 

I’ll see you in December at the Christmas craft show.

Thanks for the wonderful products!



Hi there! I purchased a couple of the catnip pads at the One of a Kind craft show this weekend..here are a few photos taken about 5 minutes after I got home. Jake (black), Izzy (gray),  and Clancy (cinnamon) all wanted to play on the pads,  but they were a little unsure of the honeysuckle.

I found out that I should have purchased one more pad, however.  None of my local pet stores carry that particular product.  Would it be possible to purchase directly from you?

Thanks for a great product...my cats love your toys!

Thanks and have a great day!






My black and white one chases the other one off of it.

Now my daughter wants to order.  

Thanks! Michelle

I bought 3 matts from you at The Vineland Craft Sale.  And boy do my girls love them!  Would love to send you pictures of them and there matts


Love your product!

I was at the Christmas Craft Fair in Calgary today and I purchased one of your Snuggle Sticks. I brought it home and before I could even remove it from my shopping bag, my kitty was sniffing trying to get at it!

He absolutely loves it and has never taken to a toy or cat nip so positively before! I wasn't able to get on to your website unfortunately and I am extremely interested in ordering refills, blankets and anything else I might be able to get my hands on! I have family and friends who will absolutely love your products! :)

If you have any information on where I could purchase/order your products I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you so much for your time!

Sincerely, Allysha


This is my kitty Kiwi with the snuggle stick!






I just bought some of your catnip products today at the Calgary Festival of Crafts and when I got home I didn't even have a chance to give the cats their presents because they had stolen them out of the bags already!   After removing the tags for them, they proceeded to have a blast with them! Thank you so much! You made their day!  I've also included a picture for you.

Thanks, Julia



I recently bought a snuggle stick at the Toronto One-of-a-Kind Show. I have four cats... here is the reaction of my big tom cat, Tigger.

Cheers, Traci















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